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Finding the Best Solution for Your Circumstances

Divorce proceedings can be a challenging ordeal, both financially and emotionally. In traditional courtroom divorces, couples often engage in an adversarial process that can result in contentious disputes, leaving them unhappy and with significant legal expenses.

Truce Law offers couples a respectful approach to divorce. We provide uncontested, collaborative, or mediated divorces, aiming to facilitate negotiations outside the courtroom with the help of neutral third parties. Our ultimate goal is to help couples find amicable agreements on crucial issues like child custody, visitation, financial support, and more without adding extra stress and conflict.

At Truce Law, we specialize in divorce solutions that prioritize compromise, communication, and understanding. Our experienced lawyers will help you and your spouse find common ground, making your divorce a smoother and less emotionally draining experience. Take the first step towards a peaceful divorce with Truce Law today.

Justin W. Aanenson, Attorney

Justin W. Aanenson

Work With Highly Skilled Divorce Lawyers at Truce Law

At Truce Law, we understand how important it is to reach a resolution that benefits your family. Our team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to being there for you every step of the way with kindness and unwavering support. We prioritize your needs and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

Why Choose Us

If you decide to work with us, you can expect a sincere and professional approach that offers a variety of benefits, including:

Effortless Intake Procedures

We have simplified our intake process by inviting you to participate in an online quiz and securely share your information through our online portal. The quiz will help us provide personalized guidance on the best divorce method for your unique situation.

Legal Resolutions Without Court

We understand the stress of court procedures. Let's settle negotiations and paperwork privately, saving you time and money while ensuring confidentiality.

Effortless Signing Choices

Our electronic signature platform is designed to be intuitive and effortless, ensuring you can easily sign your documents.

Tailored Consultations for You

We can work with your schedule and preferences, whether you prefer in-person or online consultations.

Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer From Truce Law?

Divorce can be challenging and stressful for people. Our team of compassionate lawyers is dedicated to ensuring your experience is as comfortable and seamless as possible. At Truce Law, we facilitate amicable resolutions and avoid contentious approaches.

Our Auburn Divorce Attorneys will provide clear guidance, answer your questions, and ensure you understand each step. We aim to make the divorce process smooth so you can confidently move forward into the next chapter of your life. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how Truce Law can help you.

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From Marriage to Divorce: Our Process

Truce Law guides you through a structured legal process with care and consideration. Our team of skilled lawyers offers guidance and support for a smooth journey ahead. Trust in our expertise to navigate this challenging time with you.

Step 1: Choose Your Optimal Strategy

We provide three divorce options: Uncontested, Collaborative, or Mediated divorce.

Step 2: Discuss the Terms

Talking openly with your spouse if you're getting a divorce is essential. Our Auburn divorce lawyers can help you evaluate the agreement.

Step 3: Prepare the Paperwork

We will ensure that everything is ready for your signature. You can rely on us to take care of the technical details and make your divorce process as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Step 4: Finalize the Divorce

To finalize your divorce, you must submit the necessary documents to the court and obtain a final decree of dissolution.

Work With Seasoned Auburn, WA Divorce Lawyers

At Truce Law, we provide exceptional legal representation and compassionate guidance throughout divorce proceedings. Our approach prioritizes finding a peaceful and fair resolution that honors your rights and meets your unique needs. 

We are located in Seattle and serve clients throughout King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties with personalized and dedicated legal services.

Truce Law Divorce FAQs

The timeline varies based on your specific circumstances, but collaborative divorces often reach a resolution more swiftly than court battles, typically within a few months.

Yes, having experienced divorce lawyers on your side is essential to navigating the legal intricacies and protecting your interests.

Many items, assets, expenses, and ongoing issues must be resolved during a divorce. You may have agreed to split everything 50/50, but do you know the complicated rules that govern how retirement assets are divided? Have you thought about how to split the costs of raising a child? Did you spend enough time on your parenting plan to ensure it will work now and in the future? 

A divorce attorney will make sure that everything is taken care of officially and in real life. Many couples also forget about things they own, owe, or are responsible for together, which a divorce lawyer knows how to handle.

You could go through the divorce without a lawyer, but this is not recommended.

Our lawyers and mediators are skilled at helping people communicate and find answers. Complex problems can be solved with the help of outside professionals if that is what is needed.

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