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How can we help with Pet Custody?

If you’re concerned about custody of your pet after a divorce or the end of a relationship you should look for a family law attorney for assistance. Not only is your pet a member of your family, but most family law attorneys work through parenting issues weekly and many of the concepts in a parenting plan for children apply to pets.

Family law attorneys draft both shared and sole custody arrangements. Modifying the state issued parenting plan to work for your dog or cat is a natural step. Depending on your goals, it can cover ways to share time, how to plan for pet related expenses and who will be responsible for big decisions in the pet’s life.

Fun fact: Two out of three dog owners in America bring their pet to the vet more often than they visit the doctor. Whether it’s a dog, cat or parrot, a family law attorney will be able to help you make the best decisions for your family member.

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Common questions about Pet Custody

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Why would I want to show proof of ownership?
Why would it matter how I got my pet?
Does it matter who takes care of the pet more?
What does training the pet prove?
Will my lifestyle impact my chances to keep my pet?
Will the pets follow the kids?
Are pets considered property in divorce?
How much is a family pet worth in a divorce?
What happens to pets in a divorce?
What decisions should to be made if we want to share our pet going forward?
Who pays for a pet after divorce?
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