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What is Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is for couples who wish to dissolve their marriage in a respectful and amicable way. The process helps couples reach agreements on all aspects of their divorce, including division of property, spousal support, and child custody arrangements. 

In the collaborative divorce process, each spouse works with their own lawyer to negotiate an agreement that works best for both parties. Unlike traditional divorce methods, collaborative divorce does not involve litigation or court appearances; instead, it relies on open communication between spouses and lawyers to facilitate a fair settlement. 

By utilizing this method, couples can avoid the emotional stress and financial costs associated with litigated divorce proceedings.

Simply put, a collaborative divorce is a negotiation that takes place in private between spouses and their attorneys, often with the help of neutral experts, such as financial advisors or child specialists.

The attorneys work individually with their client and assist with negotiations, which are done in a group setting with everyone present. Experts are used to provide unbiased assistance with specialized issues.

In 2013, Governor Jay Inslee signed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. This means that unlike other divorce processes, Collaborative Divorce gives participants unique legal protections established in Washington law.

A unique element of this process is the attorneys sign a participation agreement, which includes a clause stating they are barred from taking the case to trial. The agreement ensures that the attorneys make every effort to resolve the case within the collaborative model

Why Collaborative Divorce can be the Best Option

The divorce process can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining for both spouses. Traditional court-based divorce proceedings often involve litigation, which can lead to deep animosity between the two parties and long periods of negotiation. 

For couples who want an amicable resolution to their divorce, collaborative divorce offers a viable alternative. This method is based on cooperation rather than conflict; the parties involved work with their collaborative divorce lawyers to reach an agreement that works for them both.

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Major Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

This unique process allows you to:

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Maintain Privacy
Confidential negotiations are held in private and settled without any public court hearings. The key difference between this process and traditional litigation is that all meetings take place outside of the courtroom, allowing participants more privacy throughout the process.
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Know the Cost
Divorce proceedings in court often require costly attorney fees and lengthy legal processes that can overwhelm both parties. Costs in collaborative divorce are more predictable than litigation, as you can more easily predict the length of discussions based on the issues that need to be resolved, saving you from the stress of unknown legal fees.
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Keep Control
Families feel powerless leaving decisions to a court. With this process, you decide the outcome. Furthermore, since the couples are in charge of their own agreement, decisions can be made much faster.
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What to expect from Collaborative Divorce

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