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Truce Law Olympia is located downtown at 400 Union Ave SE. Our Olympia family law attorneys and mediators prioritize helping families around Washington’s capitol find solutions to family conflict in a positive setting outside the courts.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys

Your Dedicated Family Law Firm in Olympia: Truce Law

At Truce Law, we prioritize client-centered service, guiding you through the family law issues that matter most. Our Olympia divorce attorneys understand the complexities of family matters and strive to provide a supportive, empathetic environment. Our team, knowledgeable in Washington family laws, ensures clients feel understood and valued throughout the process.

Common Family Law Matters We Handle in Olympia

Full-Service Divorce Support

Our team of experienced divorce lawyers is dedicated to guiding you through every aspect of the divorce process. Whether you’re navigating mediation, child custody arrangements, or property division, we’ll provide comprehensive and personalized assistance. We understand that each divorce and family law case is unique and requires a tailored approach, so we work closely with you to address your specific concerns and goals. With our support, you can confidently move forward, knowing you have a knowledgeable advocate by your side. We’re here to ensure that this challenging transition is handled smoothly and in your best interests.

Collaborative Divorce Mediation

Work with experienced mediators to resolve your divorce collaboratively and amicably, reducing stress and conflict.

Pro Se Divorce Support

Only pay for the help you need, with confidence that our family law attorneys are backing you up as you represent yourself.

Parenting Plans That Work

Design parenting schedules that are practical, long-lasting, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your children.

Full-Service Family Law Attorneys in Olympia

Our Olympia divorce attorneys provide comprehensive guidance to help you manage spousal support, protection orders, and other family law cases with clarity and care.

  • Property Division Management: Ensure a fair and practical division of your assets with strategies that suit your unique needs.
  • Legal Protections: We help secure restraining orders and protection orders to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Legal Separation Support: Maintain insurance and asset stability while finding a solution that respects your needs.

Community-Focused Legal Services

Located just off I-5, our Olympia office is easy to reach for clients across Thurston and Mason Counties. We proudly serve neighborhoods like Cain Road, East Bay Drive, Lakemoor, Castlewood, and nearby towns like Tumwater, Lacey, Yelm, and Shelton. Consultations are available in person, by phone, or via video conference for your convenience.

Book a Consultation with Our Olympia Divorce Attorneys

Your consultation with Truce Law will be directly with an experienced attorney, ensuring you receive clear answers to your most pressing questions. We’ll work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

The friendly Regus staff will welcome you, and one of our Olympia divorce attorneys will meet you in the waiting area before heading to a private conference room. Here, you’ll discuss your concerns and goals while we provide guidance and create a strategy tailored to your situation.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Write down any concerns or questions you have in advance. If you can, research your family law matter for context and inspiration, but don’t worry if you can’t find the time—our lawyers will identify your specific challenges during the meeting.

Affordable Consultation Fees

We offer half-hour consultations for $150 and hour-long consultations for $300. Select the best option to gain a clear understanding of how our Olympia divorce attorneys can assist you.

Contact Truce Law today to book your consultation and gain confidence in your next steps with our knowledgeable legal professionals by your side.

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Testimonials & reviews

A family law firm that often settles out of court with "win, win" solutions for all involved. Resolve the matter instead of fighting in court where only the lawyers win.
Kate Winterbottom
Kate Winterbottom
Justin, the owner of Truce Law, is truly exceptional in every sense. His unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and employee success sets him apart as a leader in the legal community. Justin goes above and beyond to ensure that each client receives personalized attention and support throughout the divorce or adoption process. His expertise in family law combined with his genuine empathy and understanding make him a trusted advocate for those navigating difficult life transitions. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Justin. Moreover, Justin's commitment to employee success is evident in the positive and supportive work environment he cultivates at Truce Law. By prioritizing the well-being and professional growth of his team, Justin ensures that every member is equipped to deliver exceptional service to clients. I have full confidence in Justin and his team to handle even the most complex family law matters with integrity, compassion, and skill. If you're seeking legal assistance for divorce or adoption, look no further than Justin and Truce Law. You'll be in the best hands possible.
Jeff Bloomfield
Jeff Bloomfield
The team at Truce Law are conscientious and dedicated to truly serving their clients well. I would not hesitate to recommend Truce Law for your Family Law Needs.
Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson
Breaking up is hard. I was an emotional wreck at times. The staff at Truce Law was compassionate and patient; they walked me through it. My opponent was vicious. Truce handled the negotiations with strength, competence, and dignity. Look no further.
David Singleton
David Singleton
Truce Law is simply the best! Divorce is never easy for anyone but having them on your side makes it a whole lot easier! The team was always prompt, communicative and always had my best interests in mind. 10/10!
Stefanie Arnold
Stefanie Arnold
Justin and staff were a great resource through my divorce, highly recommended
Hristiyan Kolev
Hristiyan Kolev
First of all I would like to thank to Justin for his great work! My case was not easy (don’t want to use the word ugly), but thanks to Justin and his team I manage to win the case and being able to be with my child once again which was the goal from the beginning. The process of the divorce took more than a year and he and his team were with me the whole time. Very patient, persistent and knowledgeable. I will always recommend his service. Good luck to everyone out there.
Russ Krause
Russ Krause
If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable as well as highly skilled legal team to help you through those family law issues that come up in life, then Truce Law is the place! Competent and friendly staff at all levels puts you at ease. Their rates are very competitive and they are always in communication with you to keep you on top of what they are doing. I highly recommend them to you.
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