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What is Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation takes place when a neutral individual helps a couple discuss undecided divorce issues. It is best used in situations where people are having the same conversations over and over and getting no where.

These repeated conversations, typically happen because you’ve reached the point where you’re no longer able to hear each other. A trained mediator can make sure both people are able to take in what the other is sharing and move the conversation forward to a productive place.

Change is hard. Mediation gives partners the opportunity to work out their differences and know they both did their best to understand and to be fair to the other side. It also allows both parties to feel more positive about the end of their relationship.

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Major benefits of Divorce Mediation

Choosing mediation as a solution gives you:

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Private Process
Mediation is a confidential process. Not only does it take place in private, but your discussions can’t be later used in court.
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Predictable Price
We charge an hourly rate for mediation and limit sessions to three hours in order to maximize results and control costs.
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Empowering People
Leaving major family decisions to the court can make you feel helpless. With divorce mediation you decide the outcome.
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What to expect from Divorce Mediation

Common questions asked about the divorce mediation

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Testimonials & reviews
If you are still able to work together and looking to part ways amicably, then I suggest giving Truce Law a call. Save time, headaches, and money.
Jeremy R
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Not only was I kept informed with updates throughout the process in a timely fashion he consistently offered a caring and patient approach.
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Exactly what and who I needed to help me. He is very knowledgeable, professional and the attention he gave me was unprecedented.
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