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Is Family Mediation Right For Me?
Family mediation isn’t just for couples that are considering a divorce. Topics that can be addressed in these sessions can include visitation issues, child support, alimony, property division, elder care, the family’s budget, distribution of inherited property, family business succession, and other family matters.
What Happens if the Collaborative Divorce Process Breaks Down?
If the collaborative process fails, it can be a hard blow, both emotionally and financially. Collaborative law rules and participation agreements prohibit the original collaborative attorneys to continue representing their original clients if the case ends up in litigation. You will need to retain a new, experienced divorce attorney and help get them up to speed on the details of your situation.
What is Online Divorce Mediation?
The process of divorce mediation, especially when done online, can seem daunting to clients expecting a more traditional process involving opposing counsel and a day in court. Knowing what to expect and having a more in-depth understanding of the online mediation process can help to create a sense of comfort around the process.
Stimulus Checks, Child Support, & Divorce: What to Know About a Possible Third Stimulus Payment
The impact of the third round of COVID stimulus payments on your divorce depends on a number of relevant factors including applicable court orders and where in the divorce or separation process you and your spouse are.
Collaborative Divorce: Divorce Without The Courtroom
Collaborative divorce is a transparent divorce process, which takes place outside the court system. An attorney represents each spouse, but each attorney agrees not to take the case to trial. Settlement discussions take place with both lawyers and spouses present, with the goal to reach a fair and lasting agreement.
Divorce With Pets: Cat and Dog Custody in Washington
A pet’s life after divorce is dependent on its owners. In the best cases, owners draft their own legal arrangement, which covers pet parenting, vet bills and decision-making. If the issue goes to court, the outcome will depend on the judge. Washington law designates pets as personal property and most times a judge will simply award the pet to one spouse or the other. However, it is becoming more common for judges to treat pets more like family members and consider what is best for the pet.
Name Change After Divorce: Walkthrough to a New Name
You do not have to change your name during a divorce. During the divorce, you have the choice to keep your married name, revert to your maiden name, or choose a new name altogether. You can also change it later on. However, if you’re on the fence know that the process is easier and less expensive if the name change is included as part of the divorce.
Common Law Marriage in WA: Legal Effects of Living Together
Washington courts do award ex-partners certain interests at the end of a relationship. Although the rights of non-married couples are limited, an ex-partner will be entitled to a fair division of community property acquired during the relationship. However, a court must first rule that there was a committed intimate relationship (CIR).
Cost of Divorce in WA: Predicting What You’ll Pay
While the exact price of any divorce is unpredictable, it is possible to estimate cost based on the chosen method. Depending on the degree of conflict, spouses can choose a self represented divorce, an attorney led uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, or litigation driven divorce.
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