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How Do Washington Courts Determine Maintenance?
Maintenance is what some people commonly know as “alimony” or “spousal support.” Receiving maintenance is not a right and there is no magic formula to determine how much and for how long.  Every family is unique, so the Courts have wide discretion to award maintenance as they deem “just” after evaluating the relevant factors that apply to the parties.  
How Will My Divorce Affect My Kids
How Will My Divorce Affect My Kids?
All children will process and handle those first couple of years after the divorce differently. This period of time can be vulnerable and intense for many young people, often being reflected upon as the most difficult time for families to go through in the aftermath of a divorce.
Am I ready to get divorce
Am I Ready to Get Divorced?
There are no prizes for staying in an unhappy marriage— if what once suited you no longer does, it’s understandable to consider divorce as an option. However, it’s not a decision to take lightly or make on the spur of a moment. In reality, many of the article's questions should first be looked at when considering whether or not you're ready to speak to a family therapist or marriage counselor.
Is Washington a 50/50 State for Divorce?
Property division is often 50/50 in a Washington divorce case. However, that is not the letter of the law. What is required is that the division of assets and debts is "fair and equitable." More often than not, fair and equitable turns out to be 50/50, but that is not guaranteed. Read more to find out what the court considers when determining an equitable division.
Washington Divorce laws
7 Washington Divorce Laws You May Not Know
When filing for divorce, you’re likely unfamiliar with both the process itself and all of its intricacies. Here are 7 Washington State divorce laws that may surprise you: #1 Infidelity Isn’t a Factor. You may believe the spouse who cheated on the other party is...
How To Tell Friends & Family About Your Divorce
Broaching the subject of divorce can be very embarrassing and painful, open wounds and bring the realization that certain people will take sides. In this article we discuss strategies to approach people in your life about your divorce or separation.
Courts, Covid Vaccinations & Parents That Disagree
What happens when parents disagree about the Covid vaccine? There is no clear answer since this issue has yet to be litigated in Washington State.  The first place to start looking for answers is the Parenting Plan which has been entered with the court. 
pro se divorce
What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pro Se Divorce?
A pro se divorce is where the person represents themselves in court, rather than hiring an attorney. Undergoing a pro se divorce can save a significant amount of money and is fairly common in uncontested divorce cases.
3 Reasons Why Uncontested Divorce Can Be Better
An uncontested divorce is an efficient way to go about getting the papers signed and getting your life back on track. Uncontested divorce is the legal term for an amicable, sometimes even friendly, divorce. Unless the couple has a large dispute, such as an argument regarding parenting, support or division of assets, an uncontested divorce can be the easiest option.
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