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Grandparent visitation custody
Grandparent Visitation & Custody Rights in Washington
Typically, grandparents’ rights of visitation are sought after there has been a breakdown of the immediate family circle (divorce, separation, or death of one of the parents). There is usually a parent objecting to time spent with the grandchildren. As a result, the grandparent will need court intervention to establish visitation rights.
Who Keeps the House in Divorce
Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Washington State?
A common question that arises in divorce is “Who gets the house?” Houses are generally the biggest property asset in...
How to Write a Declaration for Court
A declaration is one of the most valuable documents in a contested divorce case. It is your chance to tell the Court your side of the story: what you want, why you want it, and any concerns you may have. We’ve devoted a few tips to help you draft a successful declaration.
How to Choose the Right Amicable Divorce
In many cases, a divorce can be an amicable process that leaves everyone with positive feelings about the end of the relationship. These divorce alternatives can help facilitate you and your spouse moving on in positive ways to the next chapter of your lives.
Tips for Co-Parenting in the Summer
Successfully Co-Parenting in the Summer
The change in seasons means a change in schedules and a potential significant disruption to the Spring-Fall custody calendar. Here are our five tips for ensuring that you and your co-parent can give your kids a summer they will love.
Divorce lawyers and attorneys
Why Choose Truce Law
We want to make the divorce and family law process as simple as possible by giving you the tools and resources you need to find a solution. We do this through collaborative law, mediation and other compromise driven legal options.
Tips to Create a Comfortable Home After Divorce
If you're worried about how to create a comfortable space you and your children can call home after the divorce is finalized, here are some tips to take into consideration as you move forward.
Family Mediation
Is Family Mediation Right For Me?
Family mediation isn’t just for couples that are considering a divorce. Topics that can be addressed in these sessions can include visitation issues, child support, alimony, property division, elder care, the family’s budget, distribution of inherited property, family business succession, and other family matters.
Collaborative Divorce
What Happens if the Collaborative Divorce Process Breaks Down?
If the collaborative process fails, it can be a hard blow, both emotionally and financially. Collaborative law rules and participation agreements prohibit the original collaborative attorneys to continue representing their original clients if the case ends up in litigation. You will need to retain a new, experienced divorce attorney and help get them up to speed on the details of your situation.
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If you are still able to work together and looking to part ways amicably, then I suggest giving Truce Law a call. Save time, headaches, and money.
Jeremy R
Lynnwood, WA
Not only was I kept informed with updates throughout the process in a timely fashion he consistently offered a caring and patient approach.
Cevon R
Seattle, WA
Exactly what and who I needed to help me. He is very knowledgeable, professional and the attention he gave me was unprecedented.
Bart E
Bellevue, WA