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Seattle Collaborative Divorce Attorney’s Guide to Negotiating a Divorce Settlement
When negotiating your divorce settlement base your negotiation on objective standards, use mirroring and strategic empathy to understand where the other side is coming from, base your divorce settlement on values rather than specific goals or fixed dollar amounts, and finally, work with your collaborative attorney to brainstorm solutions.
Tips for Co-Parenting in the Summer
Successfully Co-Parenting in the Summer
The change in seasons means a change in schedules and a potential significant disruption to the Spring-Fall custody calendar. Here are our five tips for ensuring that you and your co-parent can give your kids a summer they will love.
Can My Ex Claim Money After Divorce?
Spousal support goes by a few different names throughout the country – including alimony and spousal maintenance. This blog answers common questions about mandated financial support for ex-spouses, explaining the situations in which the court may award one party with support and how it works.
Can a divorce lawyer subpoena facebook messages?
Can A Divorce Lawyer Subpoena Facebook Messages?
One in three divorce cases cite at least one social media source as evidence, so it’s important to know how they may be used in court. In divorce, a subpoena may be issued detailing what information is being requested and by when. Such information may be used for or against an argument and impact the court’s verdict.
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What’s the Difference Between Divorce and Dissolution?
There’s no ‘easy way’ of going through a separation. However, there are several options available than can lessen the stress of ending a marriage. Depending on where you live you may have the option of a divorce or dissolution.
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Man Kicks Girlfriend’s Dog, Court Finds Domestic Abuse
It is about doggone time someone stood up for our furry friends.  Today in a landmark decision the Supreme Court ruled that animal cruelty committed on a domestic partner’s animal was considered domestic abuse. 
Can a divorce lawyer represent both parties
Can A Divorce Lawyer Represent Both Parties?
The short answer is no – a divorce lawyer cannot represent both parties. Often the easiest way to work within these rules is for each spouse to hire their own attorney. Just because you're working with different attorneys doesn't mean the case will go to court. Often it simplifies the case.
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How Do Washington Courts Determine Maintenance?
Maintenance is what some people commonly know as “alimony” or “spousal support.” Receiving maintenance is not a right and there is no magic formula to determine how much and for how long.  Every family is unique, so the Courts have wide discretion to award maintenance as they deem “just” after evaluating the relevant factors that apply to the parties.  
How Will My Divorce Affect My Kids
How Will My Divorce Affect My Kids?
All children will process and handle those first couple of years after the divorce differently. This period of time can be vulnerable and intense for many young people, often being reflected upon as the most difficult time for families to go through in the aftermath of a divorce.
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