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Whether you're going through divorce or working through other legal issues, learn how we can help you. Simply select a service below, which fits your needs. We're here to support you with efficient solutions and to resolve your case with minimal obstacles.

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Uncontested divorce

An ideal approach for spouses who can still work together. Reach common ground on your own terms.

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Divorce mediation

Peaceful process for partners who want help spotting important issues and reaching a lasting agreement.

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Collaborative divorce

Both spouses benefit from a private lawyer after signing an agreement to negotiate outside of court.

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Family Mediation Issues

Mediation allows both parties to have a say in the solution. People feel more positive about these outcomes and the agreements tend to last.

Learn more about the family law topics important to you. Whether it's a parenting plan or the family home, we can help you find a solution outside of the courthouse.

Property Division
Child Support
Business Valuation
Family Homes
Parenting Plans
Gifts & Inheritance
Quit Claim Deeds
Insurance Policies
Retirement Accounts
Child Relocation
Separation Contracts
Title Transfers
Pet Custody
Tax Planning
Marital Debt
Spousal Support
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If you are still able to work together and looking to part ways amicably, then I suggest giving Truce Law a call. Save time, headaches, and money.
Jeremy R
Lynnwood, WA
Not only was I kept informed with updates throughout the process in a timely fashion he consistently offered a caring and patient approach.
Cevon R
Seattle, WA
Exactly what and who I needed to help me. He is very knowledgeable, professional and the attention he gave me was unprecedented.
Bart E
Bellevue, WA