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Sagui Velasco

Lead Legal Assistant

Focus Areas

Scheduling, Client Support, Case organization


Sagui was born and raised in a small town in the southern region of Jalisco, Mexico, where she finished her student life graduating with a BS as an Industrial Engineer with a specialty in Manufacturing and Quality from the Technological Institute of City Guzman. Not long after, she moved to Guadalajara to pursue her working career and eventually found her way to Truce Law.

Outside of the office, Sagui enjoys listening to music while drawing, reading, and writing. Some of her favorite genres to read are psychological horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Her passion for reading was born almost at the same time as her passion for writing. She believes creating her own stories and sharing a piece of her ideas and mind with the world can help others find inspiration to create themselves.


Before Truce Law, Sagui worked in the manufacturing industry tackling the fast-paced challenges of the industry head-on with her analytical and organizational skills. For those six years, her experience as a planner, customer service representative, and analyst developed. This helped improve her skills and abilities making her a reliable and trustworthy colleague, always eager to help others, and ready to tackle any unexpected situation in the best possible way.

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