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Gabriel Gomez

Solutions Specialist

Focus Areas

Communication, Client Happiness, Scheduling


Gabriel was born in a small town in Argentina, three hours West of Buenos Aires. After leaving his home to attend college and work, he returned to his hometown to raise his family. Fluent in Spanish and English – and now learning French – Gabriel discovered his love of languages as a tool that allows him to connect with people all over the world.

When he is not managing all aspects of communication for Truce Law, Gabriel enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and photography. He enjoys portrait and documentary photography the best, and his daughter has become his favorite photographic subject. One of his recent trips was from Argentina to Uruguay by motorcycle with some good friends: He meant to go touring just for an afternoon, but ended up touring for a week all the way to the coast. He enjoys drinking Mate, a South American specialty tea, as it is traditionally brewed. Don’t ask him to mix it with sugar or serve it cold!

Gabriel also enjoys sports, including weight lifting and cycling. Soon after getting married, Gabriel and his wife bicycled from his hometown in Argentina 3,000 miles north to the Caribbean shores of Columbia. This trip led Gabriel to create a photographic project titled “Portrait of South American people”.


Before Truce Law, Gabriel worked as a professional photographer and as a recruiter for major American companies finding and interviewing candidates to fill important positions. He has a strong background in customer and technical care, where he developed not only the technical skills to help the customers but also the empathy to understand how this inconvenience was affecting their lives. As a photographer, he specialized in capturing human stories in a single frame of his camera, especially pivotal moments in people’s lives.

Gabriel is a natural mediator: during his time at college, the river overflowed its banks and many families and homes were destroyed. Gabriel volunteered as a communication liaison between the Army and local groups to help displaced people and families move into new homes and shelters.

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