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Daniela Jimenez

Legal Assistant

Focus Areas

Client Happiness, Calendaring, Case Organization


Daniela is a recent graduate of Chemical Engineering from La Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia. She completed her high school education as an exchange student in Texas, where she gained valuable experience and developed an interest in studying abroad. During her time in Texas, Daniela was part of a community that welcomed many exchange students throughout the year, and as a result, she met people from Bolivia, Korea, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico among others and had the opportunity to enjoy different foods and learn about their customs and culture.

As a lifelong learner, Daniela plans to start her studies in psychology soon. Aside from her academic achievements, she is also an avid reader with a particular interest in biographies and romantic novels. She just found a biography on Steve Jobs fascinating. When she’s not busy in the office, Daniela spends her time practicing music with her guitar or bass guitar. She is a big fan of the Colombian music band Morat, having attended over six of their concerts, including one in Miami. She also enjoys binge-watching TV shows such as Friends, Brooklyn 99, The Office, and The Big Bang Theory


Daniela’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her academic or personal interests. She is an active volunteer in her community, having worked with children facing difficult circumstances in Bogota and volunteering at the National Cancer Institute in Colombia. During her time as an exchange student in Texas, she volunteered by visiting people in retirement homes, hospitals or working with Meals on Wheels.

Daniela enjoys working with Truce Law because it’s a company that makes a real difference in people’s lives. She values the opportunity to collaborate with a team of talented and kind people who care about their clients and each other. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with her colleagues as she develops her career.

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