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Divorce Mediation What You Need to Know
In this article we’ll define divorce meditation, discuss the goals of mediation, explore the benefits of hiring a divorce mediator, and discuss how you can find a Seattle, Washington divorce mediator. We’ll look at what the divorce mediation process looks like, and we’ll also discuss situations where you may want to take your divorce to court and not hire a divorce mediator. Finally, we’ll explore the cost of mediation and next steps.
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Seattle Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation
Every couple must ultimately decide how they’ll go about filing for divorce. There are generally three avenues you can take that can result in a successful divorce settlement: Contested Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, and Mediation. Because mediation and collaborative divorce don’t involve litigation, the similarities can result in some confusion about the crucial differences between them.
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How Do Washington Courts Determine Maintenance?
Maintenance is what some people commonly know as “alimony” or “spousal support.” Receiving maintenance is not a right and there is no magic formula to determine how much and for how long.  Every family is unique, so the Courts have wide discretion to award maintenance as they deem “just” after evaluating the relevant factors that apply to the parties.  
Family Mediation
Is Family Mediation Right For Me?
Family mediation isn’t just for couples that are considering a divorce. Topics that can be addressed in these sessions can include visitation issues, child support, alimony, property division, elder care, the family’s budget, distribution of inherited property, family business succession, and other family matters.
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What is Online Divorce Mediation?
The process of divorce mediation, especially when done online, can seem daunting to clients expecting a more traditional process involving opposing counsel and a day in court. Knowing what to expect and having a more in-depth understanding of the online mediation process can help to create a sense of comfort around the process.
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Guide to Family Mediation in Washington
Mediation is required in most counties for family law cases, so often it’s in your best interest to start with mediation and see if an agreement is possible. People that mediate within the first thirty days of a conflict end up resolving their issues in less time and typically spend less money than those who put it off. Through mediation I’ve seen entire divorces completed without anyone ever setting foot in a courtroom.
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