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Resolving Divorce Without Stress or Financial Burdens


It is no secret that divorce proceedings are often riddled with stress, conflicts, and exorbitant expenses. At Truce Law, we offer an alternative that stands out. Our amicable divorce process allows both sides to have open communication with each other so they can reach an agreement without needing a judge’s ruling or any further intervention.


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Discover Divorce Attorneys at Truce Law

Truce Law has designed a process that is easy and user-friendly. We will offer you timely legal services customized to your needs.

Convenient Intake Process
Begin by taking our online questionnaire, which will provide valuable insights into your unique situation. Following that, you can securely share your information through our online portal, ensuring a streamlined and efficient intake process.

Avoid Court Appearances
Our divorce attorneys will advise you through the process, assisting you in reaching an agreement without needing court appearances. This saves you time, energy, and unnecessary stress, allowing you to focus on moving forward.

Easy e-signature
We provide a user-friendly and convenient platform that allows you to sign court forms electronically. This eliminates the need for printing, mailing, or in-person signings, saving you valuable time and effort.

Meet Online or in Person
Whether you prefer online or in-person meetings, we will work with you to find a meeting arrangement that suits your schedule and ensures smooth communication throughout your case.

Why Choose Truce Law for Your Divorce?

Truce Law presents a distinctive perspective on divorce proceedings. Recognizing that most divorces settle before trial, we emphasize the significance of resolving your case outside the confines of a courtroom. Our team of dedicated divorce lawyers is committed to efficiently and cost-effectively managing your divorce. 

Whether you choose an uncontested process or need guidance in finding mutual understanding, our tailored approach will assist you in navigating the complex aspects of divorce while optimizing your savings in terms of time, finances, and undue stress.

How It Works

Understanding the divorce process is essential for a smooth and efficient resolution. At Truce Law, our divorce lawyers will guide you through each step, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Step 1. Select a Process

Choose the divorce process that best aligns with your uncontested, collaborative, or mediated needs.

Step 2. Discuss the Details

Have open discussions with your spouse and work together to refine the agreement with the help of our skilled attorneys.

Step 3. Document Preparation

Once an agreement is reached, we will help you draft the necessary legal documents and write your agreement.

Step 4. Divorce Without Court

Submit your documents online or by mail, allowing a judge to approve them without requiring a court appearance.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about divorce from our clients. Please contact us for personalized guidance and support if you have any specific inquiries.

  1. Where can I file for divorce?
  2. Do I need to provide evidence to initiate the divorce process?
  3. What if I am reluctant to proceed with a divorce?
  4. How long does the typical divorce process usually take?
  5. What is the average cost of divorce in Washington?
  6. How do I start the divorce process?
  7. Who is responsible for paying the bills during the divorce proceedings?
  8. Will our assets be divided equally?
  9. Am I liable for my spouse’s debts?
  10. Will I be required to pay spousal and child support. 

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