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Peter Crocker


Focus Areas

Collaborative Divorce, Separation with Children, Estate Planning


Peter Crocker grew up in the Boston area, and moved Washington the year Nirvana released Nevermind. In his younger days, he followed the path of his father and grandfather by becoming a carpenter building and remodeling Seattle-area homes. While he enjoyed building, and the rigors of outdoor living generally, he has always been a communicator with a literary bent. He turned to the practice of law because law would allow his passion for communication and that taste for language to benefit others.

In his spare time, Peter plays guitar. Is it country, folk, blues, rock and roll? It sure is! He also swims somewhat religiously, hikes when he can, and undertakes enough home improvement projects to keep his carpentry skills alive.


Peter began practicing law in 2013, as in-house attorney for a federally-recognized Indian tribe on the Olympic Peninsula, and made the move to private practice in 2018. His practice was initially located in Jefferson County. While he continues to take cases on the Olympic Peninsula, he has practiced in Seattle since 2022. His approach and history provide a breadth of experience that fosters effective and efficient problem solving. His practice has covered various areas, including family law, contract drafting and disputes, business matters, and estate planning.

However, having grown up as the child of divorced parents, he seen firsthand the manner in which divorce touches people, he has realized that his primary interest lies in helping clients navigate family law disputes. He seeks to help clients navigate those disputes in a manner that facilitates the client’s capacity to create their own story, and allows them to preserve their dignity and well-being. To that end, he has participated in multi-day trainings in collaborative law and mediation, and is a member of the Collaborative Professionals of Washington.

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