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Lilith Duvall


Focus Areas

Legal processes, research, and client happiness


Lilith was born and raised in south Mississippi before relocating to Louisiana in 2012 to start her legal career as a paralegal. Since then, she has worked in multiple areas of law such as criminal, Landlord-Tenant, and Family Law. Lilith loves family law, because it’s where she feels like she can truly make a difference in someone’s life and help support them through one of the potentially hardest things they may do. Lilith believes having even a little support during hard times can go such a long way. She is applying to law school to further her capacity to make positive change in the legal field. With Iranian and Filipino heritage and family, Lilith understands how the legal system can be a barrier and strives to make sure clients understand the jargon and the why behind their case.

Lilith enjoys baking and cooking and, prior to moving into the legal field, managed a pastry café. Lilith is also a published plus-size model where she helps share body positivity for others, especially to influence young adults as many are looking at impossible standards and disliking themselves as some do not have the support to see that they’re beautiful themselves just the way they are. As a good friend of Lilith told her, “Life is so much more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale.”


Lilith received her A.S. in Paralegal Technology in 2014 where she earned her B.A. in French Language and her B.S. in Paralegal Studies with honors. While attending Mississippi college, she temporarily lived in Tours, France to better extend her knowledge of French Culture.

Outside of the office, Lilith enjoys working with exotic animals and enjoys volunteering for Alliance Française and various legal outreach programs such as Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program (CCVLP). She enjoys travelling internationally and collects rare plants like the Monstera Albo. You can find her reading Francesca Lia Block and the poet Atticus, listening to Orville Peck, and attending local bigfoot festivals and anime conventions.

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