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Jorge Dubon

Billing Specialist

Focus Areas

Client Billing and Invoices, Trust Accounts, Data Management


Jorge was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, and found his calling in the world of Industrial Engineering.
Jorge was intrigued by how things worked and how to optimize processes efficiently. His fascination
with problem-solving and analytical thinking led him to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering at
Universidad Don Bosco.

During his academic journey, Jorge discovered another passion that perfectly complemented his
engineering skills – programming languages and data analysis. He developed a keen interest in
harnessing technology to drive innovation and create data-informed solutions. He now uses this skill as
the Billing Specialist for Truce Law.


His career goals revolve around making a tangible impact in various industries. He envisions himself as a
key player in optimizing industrial processes and implementing sustainable practices. Jorge aims to
contribute to the development of efficient and eco-friendly systems that not only benefit businesses but
also promote environmental sustainability.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, soccer holds a special place in his heart, where he finds
joy on the field. In the past, he also excelled in athletics, particularly in the 100-meter discipline,
showcasing his dedication to physical fitness and competition. Additionally, Jorge has a background in
Taekwondo, which instilled in him valuable traits like discipline and perseverance.

During his leisure time, Jorge cherishes moments with his girlfriend, exploring the natural beauty of El
Salvador. Whether it’s venturing into the scenic mountains or relaxing on the serene beaches, Jorge
finds peace in connecting with nature. His love for animals is evident as he enjoys spending quality time
with his dogs and cat, making each excursion even more enjoyable building meaningful connections with
his furry companions.

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