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Carolina Vallejo

Legal Assistant

Focus Areas

Client case support, scheduling, case management


Carolina was born in Bogota, Columbia, and grew up in cities, small towns and military bases all
over the country, as she comes from a family with a military background. She currently lives in a
small town north of the capital city, Bogota. As a part of her family was impacted by the
dissolution of Yugoslavia and the internal wars this situation created, she felt drawn to working
with the law and helping people during difficult times in their life.

Outside the office, Carolina enjoys spending as much time as possible with her pets, choosing a
new place each weekend to explore and take them for adventure and exercise. Carolina’s
passion is to travel and explores new places each chance she can get. She is also active in
swimming, MMA, and music including violin and piano. When not travelling, Carolina enjoys
watching TV series, and reading about history or cultures, including the last book she read: The
Sublime Object of Ideology by Slavoj Žižek.


Carolina graduated from International Relations and Political Studies, with her favorite courses
being in Human Rights, Palestine Today, and Security courses offered by NATO. In addition to
her work at Truce Law, she is studying Analysis and Software Development.

Carolina’s goal is to keep seeing the world and travel to places full of history and spend time
with some traditional communities on how they experience the world. A dream of hers would
be to create a shelter for animals and begin a pilot’s course to be licensed to fly.

Carolina was scheduled to volunteer in a refugee camp in Western Sahara in 2020 but was
unable to go due to covid but would love to continue to volunteer for other human rights

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