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Azura Palacios

Client Happiness Coordinator

Focus Areas

Customer Support, Team Building, Active Listening


Azura’s professional journey began working with a local media outlet and participating in dance and theater groups. After graduating from high school in 2016, Azura initially studied accounting for two years at the National University of Colombia, however, they quickly realized their true calling was in the entertainment industry, where they’re now a prominent figure in genderless fashion. Azura has collaborated with various national and international clothing brands, appearing in Vogue, Malvie and Sainteight magazine, fashion shows, TV shows, music videos, and beauty fairs.

Azura has over five years of experience in customer service, providing technical support and serving as a personal and travel assistant. Azura is also an avid reader, particularly drawn to historical dramas, horror stories, and biographies. Reading about others’ life experiences serves as a source of inspiration for Azura. For fitness, Azura enjoys the dynamic nature of HIIT workouts that engage the whole body. When outdoors, Azura finds enjoyment in hiking, skating, dancing, and self-care.


Azura, a non-binary model and aspiring media personality from Medellín, Colombia, dreamed of becoming a dentist as a child. However, after exploring their artistic side through dance and performance in their teens, they discovered a passion for social communication and self-expression.

Hailing from Carepa, Colombia, Azura was raised by a single mother alongside four siblings. From a young age, Azura has thrived on social connection and empathy. These qualities allow Azura to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and when helping others on Truce Law, their strong communication skills and empathy ensure that people’s needs are understood and taken care of.

Finally, Azura is passionate about giving back to the community. They volunteer with Somos Dulces Sonrisas, an initiative that provides children with fun activities outside their regular school routine. Azura also lends their talents to fundraising efforts, collecting donations for school supplies, games, and teacher and student resources.

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