Trusted Divorce Attorney in Seattle

When divorce is the best option for your family, working with an attorney who values finding a peaceful resolution to conflict is important. Our collaborative divorce process allows you to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties.

Protecting Your Interests Throughout the Divorce

Truce Law is your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of divorce. We understand that divorce is a sensitive and critical point in one’s life; that’s why our divorce attorneys in Seattle are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need. We take a compassionate and effective approach focused on cooperation and communication.

Justin W. Aanenson, Attorney

Justin W. Aanenson

What Our Divorce Lawyers Can Do for You

When you choose to get a divorce through our firm, you have access to attorneys with years of experience in family law. Our Seattle divorce lawyers have helped couples work through tough problems like how to share custody of the kids, how to divide up the assets, how much alimony to pay.

Collaborative divorce often leads to quicker resolutions by avoiding court battles, saving you time, money, and anxiety. We aim to help you achieve an agreement outside of court while minimizing conflict and stress. We focus on open dialogue, negotiation, and problem-solving.

You and your partner have more control over decisions rather than relying on a judge who might not understand the unique circumstances surrounding your separation.

Why Choose Us

The best thing for you, financially and mentally, is to file an agreed-upon divorce or family order. When you find an answer outside of court, you save time and money and can move on with your life as soon as possible with your family.

Convenient Intake

Take our online quiz to learn more, then give us your information through a safe online portal.

No trips to court

Our divorce attorneys in Seattle will help you come to agreement so you don’t have to go to court.

E-signing made easy

Our service makes it easy for clients to e-sign court forms fast.

Meet in person or online

Clients need flexible meeting options. We work around your schedule and conduct consultations in person or online, depending on your preference.

Go for a Truce

Even though more than 90 percent of divorces are resolved without going to trial, parties still spend a lot of money and time preparing for court. Truce Law provides a superior alternative. If you agree, we will manage your divorce promptly.

We will assist you in finding a middle ground outside the legal system if you need help reaching a compromise. When resolving family difficulties, we always adopt a confidential procedure that saves our clients from excessive financial burdens.

Although anybody has the right to plead their case before a judge, the majority of litigants finally reach a settlement. Why not begin with a truce?

How It Works

In general, there are four steps to an agreed divorce. Make a decision and let our Seattle divorce lawyers know how they can help.

Pick a process

Choose the best way to get a divorce: Uncontested, Collaborative, or Mediated.

Discuss the details

Talk to your partner about the details, and then have an agent help you fine-tune the deal.

Prepare the paperwork

Now that you have made a deal, you can put pen to paper and write up the documents.

Divorce without court

File by mail or online, and a judge can sign off without you having to go to court.

Truce Law Divorce FAQs

The timeline varies based on your specific circumstances, but collaborative divorces often reach a resolution more swiftly than court battles, typically within a few months.

Yes, having experienced divorce lawyers on your side is essential to navigating the legal intricacies and protecting your interests.

Many items, assets, expenses, and ongoing issues must be resolved during a divorce. You may have agreed to split everything 50/50, but do you know the complicated rules that govern how retirement assets are divided? Have you thought about how to split the costs of raising a child? Did you spend enough time on your parenting plan to ensure it will work now and in the future? 

A divorce attorney will make sure that everything is taken care of officially and in real life. Many couples also forget about things they own, owe, or are responsible for together, which a divorce lawyer knows how to handle.

You could go through the divorce without a lawyer, but this is not recommended.

Our lawyers and mediators are skilled at helping people communicate and find answers. Complex problems can be solved with the help of outside professionals if that is what is needed.

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