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Divorce Lawyers Edmonds

Simpler, Efficient, and More Amicable


Our divorce process provides practical and affordable solutions to couples looking to part ways with minimal fuss and drama. So why not call a Truce and start your new chapter on a positive note?


Uncontested divorce allows couples to find an agreement together on issues such as child custody, spousal support, asset division, and more. Alternatively, those who would benefit from a more comprehensive approach should consider collaborative divorce. This process involves hiring collaborative lawyers who work together with their clients to create a settlement plan that works for everyone involved.


Whether you and your spouse both hire an attorney to help resolve issues or are able to come to a general agreement on your own, working together outside the courtroom can result in a fair agreement which will save valuable time and money while also preserving important relationships between parents, spouses, children, and other parties. 


At Truce Law we understand the benefit to families when they can create an agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved, so we strive to do so. An amicable divorce has the potential to result in a more satisfactory outcome for all parties while also avoiding the time and expense of going through court proceedings.


No matter which type of divorce is right for your situation, we’re here to help. We provide experienced representation and compassionate guidance every step of the way.


Justin Aanenson, Attorney

Hire the Edmonds divorce attorneys at Truce Law

Opting for an uncontested divorce or a mutually agreed family order can protect your finances and emotional well-being. By finding a resolution outside of court, you not only save valuable time and money but also enable you and your family to start the next chapter in your lives.

Convenient intake
Are our services right for your specific situation? Take our online quiz and set up a free call with a Truce Law team member to explore your situation during a discovery call.

No court appearances
Your legal team will help you reach an agreement with your spouse without the need to go to court.

Easy e-signature
Clients can sign their court forms via e-signature, which makes finalizing an agreement streamlined and stress-free.

Meet online or in person
For your convenience, we can work around your schedule and meet online or in person.

Why hire a lawyer from Truce Law?

A divorce lawyer will help you ensure you’re prepared for what lies ahead and understand your rights so that your settlement is fair and equitable. We can also assist with mediation or collaborative divorce if that’s the route you choose. 

Whether you’d like direct legal advice from one of our experienced lawyers or to discuss the legal issues openly with your spouse and their attorney to reach a solution, our experienced team can ensure that you choose the right process and understand your rights and obligations before signing any agreement. 

We understand that going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult for all parties involved, but with the help of a lawyer from Truce Law, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. 

How it works

Agreed divorces usually follow four steps. Truce Law is here to guide you from start to finish.

Step 1. Pick a process

You can choose from Uncontested, Collaborative, Mediated. We will help you decide on which best suits your goals and situation.

Step 2. Discuss the details

Discussing details to reach an agreement is the biggest step in this process. Conversations will be structured based on the process you choose.

Step 3. Prepare the papers

Once you’ve reached an agreement, we’ll work to get it on paper, so you have a written agreement.

Step 4. Divorce without court

Once the forms are signed, we finalize the divorce without the need to go to court by submitting the documents by mail or online and obtaining a judge’s approval.

Top 10 questions asked by our clients

Throughout our years of handling our clients’ divorce cases, we have observed some frequently asked questions that arise. If your question isn’t listed below, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Where should I file my divorce?
  2. What proof do I need to present when filing for divorce?
  3. What would happen and what are my options if I don’t want a divorce?
  4. How long is the entire divorce process?
  5. How much does a divorce cost?
  6. How do I file for a divorce?
  7. Who pays for the expenses?
  8. Will all our property be divided evenly?
  9. Will I need to shoulder my spouse’s debt?
  10. Will I have to be responsible for spousal support and child support?

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